‘Ride To Hogwarts’: Palm Branch Floating In The Air Leaves Internet Searching For Answers
‘Ride To Hogwarts’: Palm Branch Floating In The Air Leaves Internet Searching For Answers
A politician from California has claimed that he witnessed a surreal and rare sight, as he came across a part of a palm tree floating in mid air.

In a bizarre incident in California, a local politician shared a video that seems straight out of a Harry Potter film or a horror movie. In the post, the politician claims that while at home, he witnessed a surreal sight, as he came across a part of a palm tree floating in mid air, defying gravity as if it was under a magical spell. Astonished by the eerie spectacle, he recorded the strange sight and posted it on social media, leaving internet users scratching their heads in confusion. BNN Breaking reported that the incident happened on the same day when the region was experiencing peculiar weather conditions. Since sharing the video on Instagram, it has garnered over 1 million views, sparking curiosity and discussions among viewers.

In the video, the politician could be heard explaining the situation and even claimed that the floating part of the palm tree was not connected to any kind of visible wires or supports. Seeking explanations from the online community, he posted the video and encouraged viewers to share their theories regarding the mysterious sight. He wrote, “I’ve been canvassing for a while now and have seen cows, horses, chickens/roosters, pigs, interesting people, but I’ve never seen a wind vortex like this before. It was quite interesting. You can hear the wind blowing against each side. I caught it on video and it’ll definitely be memorable. Creepy and memorable. If someone can explain it, I’m all ears.”

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While the video suggested the palm wasn’t connected to anything, some viewers claimed to spot a thin wire. Others, amazed by the sight, shared humorous reactions, referencing the Harry Potter movies.

Reacting to the video, a user wrote, “It’s the Nimbus 2000.”

Another suggested, “Get on, that’s your ride to Hogwarts.”

An individual shared, “I’ve seen some local spiderwebs hold up branches like this in Alabama.”

“Oh that’s the witches broom she’s just on break,” a comment read.

Another asked, “Why this type of thing always happen in America?”

One more wrote, “If you look closely to the cross section of two trees, you can see the attached thin wire that carries it in an angled way and yes you can hear the drone.”

Providing an update, the politician shared that he recorded the video while meeting voters earlier this month. He mentioned that he was interviewed by national and international channels, including the Weather Channel. Additionally, the bizarre video is set to be featured on the Discovery channel show, Weird Weather, next month. The politician shared that he took the opinion of a meteorologist friend, who explained that this happened due to the “convergence of wind gusts from opposite directions.”

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