Ninja Bears Terrorise Locals In Japan’s Hokkaido Island
Ninja Bears Terrorise Locals In Japan’s Hokkaido Island
These animals are generally herbivorous, but they have reportedly developed a taste for meat.

Ninja Bears are mainly found in Japan and are famous for their stealth. Over the past several months, the ninja bears have been increasingly attacking humans. According to reports, the bears have developed a taste for blood and flesh. Last year, a giant Ninja Bear was caught after it had been attacking cattle for years. Recently several such incidents were reported again from the same region. It was also reported that the Bear has now started attacking humans. On the mountainous island of Hokkaido in Japan, a giant bear measuring 7 feet 3 inches and locally named as OSO18 was attacking farms and livestock for a long time. The attacks went on for years. Many people tried to catch the giant animal but everyone failed. Due to this, the bear was named Ninja Bear by the people of the country. In 2023, the giant bear was killed by a hunter, providing a sigh of relief to the locals.

Recently such incidents were reported from the area once again. According to reports, the bears have started attacking humans also. In the month of May this year, a giant bear reportedly attacked and killed around eight cattle. Four of them were torn apart, while the other four cattle died due to severe injuries.

A few days later an elderly couple was attacked by a giant black bear, while they were sleeping. The incident took place in Gunma, Honshu Island. The bear broke into the house and attacked the couple, leaving serious injuries. A similar incident was reported from the same Island in the middle of May. A 64-year-old man was reportedly killed by the bear. The bear also attacked the police officials who arrived at the area to recover the body.

These animals are generally herbivorous and insectivorous, but due to the increasing deer population in Japan, they reportedly developed a taste for meat. The number was less earlier as there were more hunters. Today, the number of hunters is less. Those who still hunt deer leave the dead bodies in the mountains and from there the bears have developed the taste.

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