Passengers Travel in Toilet as Video of Jam-packed Lucknow Train Goes Viral, Railways Responds
Passengers Travel in Toilet as Video of Jam-packed Lucknow Train Goes Viral, Railways Responds
Viral video shows passengers standing in train's toilet due to mad rush inside passage at Lucknow's Charbagh station.

The chaos of overcrowding and rampant ticketless passengers has become a daily affair on Indian Railways, with social media flooded with images and videos capturing the mayhem. It’s as if the phrase ‘fish market’ has found a new home in the bustling corridors of Indian trains! And if there were any doubts, a recent video solidified this comparison by revealing passengers not only spilling out into the doorways but also occupying the toilets due to the sheer lack of standing room.

In a video shared on ‘X’, travellers were caught navigating through the cramped confines of a train’s restroom, while others desperately attempted to squeeze aboard at a Lucknow station. As the train pulled into Charbagh station, the scene resembled a mad rush, with passengers clamoring to board an already bursting-at-the-seams train. With no room to spare, some commuters found themselves reluctantly standing shoulder-to-shoulder inside the restroom for the duration of the journey.

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In the footage, a bystander at Charbagh station incredulously asked a passenger occupying the cramped restroom, “Bathroom mein jaayenge (Will you travel in the bathroom)?” The passenger, with a resigned expression, nodded in acknowledgment.

In another video, a close-up revealed how three men ingeniously managed to navigate the toilet while keeping their bags intact.

Meanwhile, outside the train, a sea of passengers awaited their turn to board amidst the chaotic scenes unfolding inside the coach.

Soon, the clips went viral, sparking a flurry of comments. “The reality is north Bharat is overly populated. High speed trains & bullet trains are necessary but transportation of common people has been overlooked. Low cost sleeper & chair car8s are not sufficient. Govt should increase these & make reservation easy,” expressed one user. “We just have too many people.. luxury public transport have to wait first should provide basic sufficient transport..also contraceptives in every shop..this has to come people keep on producing multiple children even after seeing the living conditions,” shared another.

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Acknowledging the gravity of the situation, RailwaySeva assured prompt action by directing the matter to the attention of the concerned official at Northern Railway Lucknow Division.

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