KFA pays 2nd installment of salaries to its staff
KFA pays 2nd installment of salaries to its staff
The airline has promised to pay its staff their pending salaries for three months by Diwali.

Mumbai: Employees of Kingfisher Airlines have got the second installment of their salary overdues after the company committed to paying three months pending salaries to employees by Diwali.

By assuring employees that the management will pay seven months salary dues by December, the airline has ended the nearly month-long crisis as striking employees have agreed to return to work with immediate effect.

However, resumption of Kingfisher Airlines flight operations may take at least three-four weeks as the airline would have to get the suspension of its flying license revoked by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation which also has to satisfy itself on safety issues as well as the viability of their financial and operational plans.

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