Watch: King’s Guard Horse, Not In Mood To Get Clicked, Bites Woman After She Touches It
Watch: King’s Guard Horse, Not In Mood To Get Clicked, Bites Woman After She Touches It
There are many written warnings around the Kings Guard postings that warn people against touching the guards and their horses or coming too close to them.

The King’s Guard (also called the Queen’s Guard when the reigning monarch is a female), stationed outside Buckingham Palace and St James’s Palace in London routinely attract tourist attention. Tourists often stand close to them, in a bid to take photos. However, disturbing guards by touching them or trying to converse with them is prohibited. There are many written warnings around the King’s Guard postings that warn people to maintain their distance. However, despite these frequent warnings, many people put their hand over the guards or their horses as they pose for photos.

Now, a video is going viral that shows a woman posing for a photo next to a Kings guard who is mounted on a horse. The woman puts her hand on the horse, who immediately reacts by turning at her to bite her. Luckily, the woman escapes the horse bite just by a second. She then leaves the scene after composing herself. This undated video is now going viral on X, with over seven lakh views since it was posted on May 21.

Commenting on it, an X user wrote, “The Royal Guard Horses do not like to be touched or petted. They like people to keep their distance. I believe there are even signs that say “Do not get near or touch the horses.” The horse shoved her with its nose, she should be glad she was not bitten.”

Another person said, “I don’t get why they want to touch the horse or even get a photo with the Royal Guard, Like walking in a store and getting a photo with a cashier, Leave them alone to do their jobs.”

Someone else remarked, “These wonderful horses are very good at picking and choosing who they like. They were so gentle with a young, disabled person a few weeks ago, but clearly didn’t like her.”

The King’s Guards are required to maintain their still composure in all circumstances while they are on duty. They are prohibited from interacting with the public unless it is given a stern warning. They are also not allowed to smile or even wipe sweat off their face. People often misuse their strict protocol to play around with them for the sake of laughs and likes.

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