Google One Confirms Big Changes For Its Paid Customers: All You Need To Know
Google One Confirms Big Changes For Its Paid Customers: All You Need To Know
Google is offering some of the exclusive features to more users while Pixel users can enjoy the new AI-powered tools. Here are the details.

Google has revised its One membership service which not only gives you cloud storage that can be shared with other people but also includes some interesting features if you own a Pixel phone. Starting May 15, 2024, Google One is getting some changes that bring some of the features to more people while also limiting its availability or ending the support altogether.

Google is sharing the details of these changes via an email to its customers in the past few weeks and we have decided to list them down for everyone to know.

Google One Updates Coming In May 2024

Google One service will be seeing the following changes from May 15, 2024. Here are the details you need to know.

Google Photos Editing Comes To More People

Google has confirmed that editing features like Magic Eraser and Portrait Light are coming to more devices which includes the non-Pixel lineup. These features have been limited to the Pixel models for a while but if you have the Photos app on a Xiaomi or a OnePlus phone, these tools will be available even if you are using the service for free.

Magic Editor Coming To More Pixel Users

Google announced the Magic Editor with the Pixel 8 series last year, but from next month, the editing tool will be offered to more Pixel devices. The AI-powered feature is expected to roll out to all Pixel phones that come with the Tensor chipset.

End Of Delivering Photo Prints

Google also has some bad news with the new update, especially for those in Canada, the UK, and US among others. The company has decided to discontinue free delivery of selected print orders that you pick from Google Photos app. It might not be a big deal if you live in markets like India where the service was never available but other major countries could feel the pinch of losing the support.

Some Benefits Don’t Change

Google says your existing cloud storage support of 100GB or more will remain and there will not be any changes to your benefit of sharing the storage with up to five family members.

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