'Acche Din' Will Become More 'Acche' In the Coming Days, Says Amit Shah
'Acche Din' Will Become More 'Acche' In the Coming Days, Says Amit Shah
Amit Shah inaugurated development works of more than Rs 80 crore and the Khukri museum at Diu in Gujarat

Union Home Minister Amit Shah inaugurated development works of more than Rs 80 crore and the Khukri museum at Diu in Gujarat. He added that “Achhe din abhi aur bhi achhe hone wale hain”.

He addressed a public meeting in presence of State Home Minister Harsh Sanghavi, Union Territory (Daman and Diu) administrator Praful Patel and State Revenue Minister Rajendra Trivedi.

Shah said in his address, “I came to Diu for the first time after becaming the Home Minister. Today, for the first time, a meeting of the Chief Ministers of the western states was held in Diu. They went back happy with so much appreciation for the arrangements made by Praful Patel. Earlier when development projects were being distributed, only a miniscule amount finally reached Diu and other Union Territories from Delhi. Now, Praful Patel has cascaded development over here.”

“The world celebrates the Ocean Day on June 8, raising awareness about marine life, cleaning up islands and eliminating single-use plastics. This was discussed all over the world. We have already done this in Diu, which is the only region that runs entirely on solar energy,” he added.

“The Khukri Museum will be a centre of attraction for everyone who loves the land of India. Development is not possible without vision. Praful Patel implemented the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Diu, Dadra and Silvassa. I urge my young friends and students to visit this museum and understand the history of Khukri.”

The cable car facility from Diu to Ghogha was inaugurated on Saturday at a cost of Rs 40 crore.

Work on the Smart City Mission has begun at a cost of Rs eight crore, with the construction of a public plaza outside the Diu Fort at a cost of Rs five crore.

The redevelopment of Pani Kotha, redevelopment of a bus terminal and creation of a beautiful monument at both the entrances to Diu was inaugurated. Therefore, seven welfare schemes at a cost of Rs 80 crore were launched on Saturday.

The Union Home Minister said, “The Khukri monument, which is being unveiled here today, is a tribute to the soldiers of our Army who sacrificed their lives for the country. My advice to the youth and students is that they should understand the history of Khukri by visiting this museum.”

Shah added, “Modiji’s government has completed eight years recently. I have come to you today as a close observer of the government, the first five years as party President and three years as a Cabinet Minister. I have closely watched the hard work by PM Narendra Modi in the last eight years. I have had the opportunity to get a closer look at his planning and vision, by which not only India but the whole world is amazed.”

“In eight years, he (Modi) has done the work of re-establishing India’s honour in the world. The Prime Minister used the technology in such a way that 130 crore people got vaccines and certificates without any hassle. In case of such an epidemic in future also, not a single litre of oxygen has to be imported. Today, we have provided so much facility and help to the athletes that we will soon qualify the Olympics among the top five countries.”

Through the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana, 2,59,200 people get five kg of free foodgrains every month in this Union Territory, the Union Home Minister said.

PM Modi has helped millions of people in the country with houses, toilets, electricity, food, etc., with uplifting their living standard, he added.

“During the previous Congress-led government, the country was producing countrymade guns, today Modiji has started making missiles in the country,” Shah said.

Slamming Rahul Gandhi, the Union Home Minister said: “Rahul Baba used to criticise PM Narendra Modi. So I want to ask him you have ruled the country for 60 years. If you had worked for four generations, why didn’t you remember delivering electricity, grain or houses to the poor? Congress has worked to eradicate the poor in the name of poverty alleviation and Narendra Modi has worked to eradicate poverty.”

Shah praised Praful Patel, the Administrator of Diu, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, and Silvassa.

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