Ratna Pathak Shah Admits To Being An 'Emotional Bully' To Sister Supriya Pathak: 'I Was Not A Good Sister'
Ratna Pathak Shah Admits To Being An 'Emotional Bully' To Sister Supriya Pathak: 'I Was Not A Good Sister'
Ratna Pathak Shah recalled her bond with sister Supriya Pathak during their childhood days.

Ratna Pathak Shah recently shared insights into her relationship with her sister, Supriya Pathak, describing having a sibling as akin to having a ‘doppelganger’ around. In her conversation with The Male Feminist, Ratna candidly admitted to not being a good sister during their early years, acknowledging that she was an “emotional bully,” a trait she now deeply regrets.

“We are very different from each other and yet there is a sense that there is someone like me,” Ratna explained. Reflecting on their childhood, she admitted, “When we were kids, Supriya and I fought… I was not a good sister. I have to accept that I was a very big bully, but I am glad, I got all my bullying done then. I was an emotionally bully, which is even worse. Maara-maari karna is nicer, cleaner but this emotional bullying is killer. I hang my head in shame, that I did it. I have apologised to Supriya, she has forgiven me, I hope! We are fine.”

Discussing her self-perception and insecurities when entering the film industry, Ratna shared how she never saw herself as “good looking” and often compared herself unfavorably to Supriya, who she thought was more attractive, “I was worried about my teeth, my thin lips; I would say my eyes are not big, look at Supriya’s, she has such wonderful eyes. But it didn’t really bother me, because I was focused on building myself as a whole person, not someone who looks like someone else,” she stated. Despite these comparisons, Ratna emphasized that these concerns didn’t overwhelm her, as her focus was on developing her whole self, rather than just her appearance.

Previously, Supriya Pathak revealed that she was a crybaby and thanks to that she never had to use glycerine to film crying scenes, it would always be natural. Opening up about what it was like growing up with Ratna, she had said, “She never hit me but she used to… Ratna intervened and said, “I used emotional blackmail like any good girl would.”

Surpiya also shared Ratna’s acting antics, “There was a window (in) dad and mom’s room. When the window opened, there was an AC. She knew that she wouldn’t fall but she would go and put on one leg over the the other side and say, ‘If you don’t do this, I will jump off.’ But she knew there was (AC duct which wouldn’t let her fall) but I never knew that nothing could happen to her.”

On the professional front, Ratna Pathak Shah was recently seen in the 2023 road trip drama ‘Dhak Dhak’, produced by Taapsee Pannu. Supriya Pathak appeared in ‘Satyaprem Ki Katha’, starring Kartik Aaryan and Kiara Advani.

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