UP Man Cuts Open 8-Month Pregnant Wife's Stomach To Check Baby's Gender, Gets Life Imprisonment
UP Man Cuts Open 8-Month Pregnant Wife's Stomach To Check Baby's Gender, Gets Life Imprisonment
On the day of the incident, the man grabbed his wife and with the help of a sickle tried to rip open her stomach

A man from Uttar Pradesh’s Budaun has been sentenced to lifetime imprisonment for using a sickle to rip open the stomach of his pregnant wife while attempting to check whether the baby was a boy or a girl.

The incident occurred back in September 2020 when the accused man, identified as Panna Lal, a resident of Budaun’s Civil Lines had attacked his wife Anita.

The couple were married for 22 years and were parents to five girls. However, the man wanted to have a boy and due to that the couple used to fight regularly.

As per media reports, the wife’s family were aware about the couple’s dispute and had tried to explain Panna Lal to stop fighting. The man, however, threatened to divorce Anita and marry another woman in order to to father a son.

On the day of the shocking incident, the couple had again fought over the gender of the unborn baby. In a fit of rage, Panna Lal threatened to cut open Anita’s stomach to check if she was pregnant with a boy or a girl. Infact, when Anita fought back, he also threatened to kill her.

According to an NDTV report, the man attacked her with a sickle after which she tried to run away from him. He reportedly caught hold of her and used the sickle to rip open her stomach. Anita was eight months pregnant at that time and she also informed the court that the cut was so deep that her intestines were even seen hanging from her stomach.

Following the attack, the woman ran out to the street and her brother, who worked at a nearby shop came to her rescue. On seeing him, Panna Lal ran away the scene.

Meanwhile, Anita was rushed to the hospital. Even though she survived the attack, her baby, a boy, died due to the attack.

The accused, Panna Lal, while speaking at the court, argued that his wife had inflicted the wounds on herself so that she could falsely implicate him as he was involved in a property dispute with her brothers.

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