Simple Steps to Use Incantations in Elden Ring, What Buttons to Press + More
Simple Steps to Use Incantations in Elden Ring, What Buttons to Press + More
Are you wondering how to cast an incantation in Elden Ring? Maybe you have a Sacred Seal equipped and just can't figure out what to do next. This wikiHow article teaches you how to use incantations, otherwise known as incants, in Elden Ring using a computer, Xbox, or PS5.
Things You Should Know
  • Equip the incantation you want to use at a Site of Lost Grace, then equip a Sacred Seal.
  • Select the incantation on your screen (using the arrow keys on your keyboard or D-pad button on your remote).
  • Press the Attack button to cast the incantation.

Using Incantations

Make sure the incantation you want to use is in your inventory. You can't cast a spell that you don't have. You can buy them from NPCs, find them in prayer books, or loot them from enemies! Incantations have varying ranges and effects, so take that into mind before casting a short-range spell when you intend to stand far away. You might want to level up your Faith and Mind stats first. Many spells have requirements that prevent classes not predisposed to magic from casting incants. However, Elden Ring is created in such a way that anyone can level any stat. Prophet and Confessor are the only classes that start with a Seal and incantations. Faith should aim for level 60 to deal maximum damage from incantations and Mind should be at level 40, to increase your Mana pool.

Equip them with your memory slots. Use Memory Stones to increase the amount of memory slots available to you. At Sites of Lost Grace, you'll be able to equip your incants. You can also save your game at Sites of Lost Grace.

Equip a Sacred Seal. You can find many Sacred Seals around Elden Ring! Buy them from vendors or get them as loot from bosses. Only Prophet and Confessor classes have a Sacred Seal when they start the game. Each Seal has pros and cons that you need to consider before using it. For example, the Gravel Stone Seal boosts Dragon Cult incantations, so it's not useful if you're not casting those spells.

Select the incantation and press the Attack button. Once you have a Sacred Seal equipped, you can use incants in battle! The buttons for this vary depending on your setup: For PC, press ↑ to select an incantation and click the left mouse button. For PS5, press the Left and Right buttons on the D-pad to cycle through your equipment and select the incantation you want to use, then press the right bumper to cast your spell. For Xbox, use the upper button on the D-pad to select an incantation and hit R1 to cast it.

Getting a Seal

Go to Stormveil Castle. Use the Castleward Tunnel. You'll see it in the top northwest corner of Limgrave, which is the starting area. Use this method if you're trying to get an easy seal as a class other than Prophet or Confessor. You'll also need Torrent, your mount, for easier traveling.

Battle Margit. You don't need to win to proceed. After an encounter with Margit (win or lose), you'll be able to talk to Melina at any Site of Lost Grace.

Talk to Melina. She will tell you about the Roundtable Hold accessible at the bottom left corner of the map.

Go to the Roundtable Hold. You'll find a vendor (Brother Corhyn) there that sells incantations. You want to buy a seal, however, so continue.

Head left down a corridor and pass some bookshelves. There will be a small room with two mummified witches.

Talk to the mummified witches. They will sell you a simple Finger Seal for 800 runes. This is a good Seal for non-Confessors and non-Prophets to use since it has good scaling for lower-level Faith.


Where can I buy incantations? There are a few NPCs that sell incants for you to use if you're unable to find them in the open world. These include: Brother Corhyn. Find him in Roundtable Hold. He sells basic incants. Miriel Pastor of Vows. Found in the Church of Vows and sells support-focused incants. D, the Hunter of the Dead. Found near the Tabia Mariner Field boss and sells Fundamentalist spells. Gowry. Found in Caelid, in Gowry's Shack, and sells Rot incantations. Gurranq the Beast Clergyman. Found in Bestial Sanctum and sells Beastial incantations.

Why can't I cast an incantation? The spell will have an "x" in the top right corner of its thumbnail if you don't meet the requirements of the incant (like if you don't have the right stats).

What are the buttons I press to cast spells? Press "E" on your keyboard to open your inventory and equip your Seal. Once you've done that, close the menu and press the Up arrow to select your incant. Click the left mouse button to cast the selected incant. You can only equip spells at Sites of Lost Grace. Go to "Memorize spell" and select the incantation there.

How do you unlock more spell slots? Find and use Memory Stones to increase how many spells you can equip at Sites of Lost Grace. You can get Memory Stones from chests, defeating bosses, or buying them from NPCs. The easiest Memory Stone is for sale in Roundtable Hold for 3,000 runes from Twin Maiden Husks.

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