How to Get Free Items on Temu with or Without Inviting Friends
How to Get Free Items on Temu with or Without Inviting Friends
Temu is an online shopping platform known for its incredibly low prices and unbelievable deals, like its “free” item giveaways. In this article, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about this online superstore, including the different ways you can earn free items. We’ll even provide a brief rundown on Temu’s company history, so you can know exactly who you’re buying from.
Things You Should Know
  • Earn a free gift automatically by signing up as a new Temu user.
  • Play in-app games like Fishland, Farmland, and Hat Trick to earn free items.
  • Check out the Free Items & Giveaways page for freebies that don’t require friend referrals.

How to Get Free Temu Items

Sign up for Temu for the first time. Visit Temu’s website and sign up using the “Sign in/register” button in the top-right corner of the screen. If you’re on mobile, download the Temu app (iOS/Android) and sign up by hitting the “Register” button.New TEMU users automatically earn a coupon code for their first purchase, along with a free welcome gift. Temu also offers certain items for free to new app users.

Play the in-app games. Tap the “You” icon on the bottom center of the screen in the Temu app. Then, select “Earn free gifts & cash” to be redirected to a list of minigames and referral promos.While these games appear legit, many of them require you to send a Temu referral link to your friends to progress. As you get closer to unlocking the prizes, Temu also makes it more and more challenging to reach your goal. Hat Trick: Hit the “Win 4 Freebies” to open up the Hat Trick game, which lets you earn free prizes by collecting energy. Fishland: Choose Temu items you’d like, which act as your “free” prizes. Continue feeding virtual fish to pay off the cost of these free gifts. Farmland: Earn free Temu items by managing a virtual farm. Refer and Earn: Spin a wheel and refer friends to earn credit and unlock a free gift. Holiday-specific games: Temu holds special in-app game promotions for certain occasions, like Black Friday. These promotions may revolve around friend referrals.

Apply coupon codes. View the “Coupons & offers” page to see which deals Temu is offering at the time. On the website: Hover over your profile icon, where it says “Hello, [username].” Select the “Coupons & offers” button from the pop-up menu that appears. On the app: Tap the “You” icon on the bottom center of the screen, followed by the “Coupons & offers” button. Temu sometimes offers coupon bundles to new users.

Open the Daily Gift Box. In the app, tap the “You” icon at the bottom center of the screen, followed by the “Messages” and “Promotions” buttons. Scroll through your promotions until you see a “Daily Gift Box” promotion. Opening these free boxes can earn you special deals, promos, and even account credit.

Enter Temu-organized giveaways. Visit the Temu Free Items & Giveaways page on Temu’s website to see what listings are available. Keep in mind that these offers may only apply to new users. There doesn’t appear to be a page within the app that brings you to the same “Free Items & Giveaways” page.

Join Temu’s Affiliate program. Temu’s Affiliate program gives you money each time someone signs up with your referral link. You may also make commissions off items bought using your referral code. Sign up for this program on Temu’s website. While this method doesn’t directly earn you free stuff, it can potentially earn you enough money to buy free stuff.

Partner with Temu’s Influencer program. Temu invites content creators to sign up for the Temu Influencer program on their website. Influencers get a certain amount of spending credit as well as free items. Temu advises applying for the influencer program with your most popular social media account. The Temu team will then review your online presence and decide if you’re a good candidate. The amount you earn as an Influencer depends on the amount of Temu-related content that you post.

Is Temu legit?

Yes, but not everyone has had a great experience with the company. Temu is undoubtedly a real company that’s located in Boston, Massachusetts, but the business is actually owned and operated by PDD Holdings Inc., a Chinese company that also manages Pinduoduo (a similar Chinese shopping marketplace).Temu is registered with the Better Business Bureau, where they currently have a 2.5/5 rating. However, the company appears to check BBB frequently and works to quickly resolve customer complaints. Warning: PDD Holdings Inc,’s company Pinduoduo made the 2022 list of Notorious Markets for Counterfeiting and Piracy (created by the US government). While Temu didn’t make this list, the Temu’s BBB business profile indicates that people may have had issues with Temu regarding copyright and trademark infringements.

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