UPSC 2020: MP Mother Asked Son Why he Doesn't Become Collector. He Does
UPSC 2020: MP Mother Asked Son Why he Doesn't Become Collector. He Does
Shreyans Surana is a Chartered Accountant by profession.

A mother asked her son: “Why don’t you become a collector?” And that stayed in the son’s mind. The son, Shreyans Surana from Madhya Pradesh’s Betul, then, sat in the UPSC examination and cleared it in the first attempt itself. The son is now on his way to becoming a collector. Shreyans, a chartered accountant by profession, cracked the UPSC 2020 exam and secured the 269th rank.

The mother asked her son only after reading the news of talented children of laborers becoming collectors.

But when one day his mother while reading the paper said that when talented children of labour’s become collectors then why can’t you give it a try?

It was Shreyans mother who wanted her son to become a collector. One day, while talking to him, the mother asked why he doesn’t become a collector. The son listened to his mother, left the job worked night and day to prepare for the UPSC exam. And as a result of his hard work, he succeeded in his first attempt. Even before UPSC, 24-year-old Shreyans had cleared CA and CS also in his first attempts.

Shreyans’s father said that he is so dedicated to studies that he cleared his CA and CS exams in one go. Since Sreyans is a CA by profession, he was already doing a great job. After hard work of just one and a half years, Shreyans achieved the feat. His family said that he was a genius since childhood. Sometimes even his teachers did not have answers to his questions.

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