Woman ‘Kicked Off’ Flight For Frequently Using Washroom Before Take Off
Woman ‘Kicked Off’ Flight For Frequently Using Washroom Before Take Off
While many people sympathised with Chiu, many others argued that the airlines made the right decision of not flying with an unwell passenger.

A Canadian journalist was “kicked off” a WestJet flight from Mexico for having an “upset stomach” and “going to the washroom too much before takeoff”. In a series of posts on X (formerly Twitter), Joanna Chiu elaborated on the distressing incident, saying that after being hurriedly deplaned, she was left to fend for herself without any “promise of a hotel or rebooked flight”.

Chui added that she had left her money with her travel companion and hence had nothing with her at the time. She claimed that the WestJet supervisor refused to pay for her taxi to a hotel and when she started filming their exchange, he said that unless she deleted the video, she would not be allowed to get on another flight the next day.

The 36-year-old author added that she eventually asked to speak to another WestJet employee who was “much nicer” but still refused to give her the details of her rebooked flight.

Almost two hours after she posted about WestJet’s unhelpful behaviour, she said, “It is sad that I wasn’t able to get any help unless I publicly aired my experience. WestJet DM’d me my booking reference number after I had asked for it repeatedly at the airport. I ended up getting in the taxi because I was legitimately worried about getting arrested.”

In a follow-up post, she wrote that she was home safe. WestJet Airlines apologised to Chiu after the incident went viral on X.

While many sympathised with Chiu, others argued that the airlines took the right decision of not flying with an unwell passenger as it could pose a threat of spreading the infection. People also added that symptoms can worsen at high flight altitudes, the reason airlines deplane sick passengers.

Making this point, an X user wrote, “Sorry you were ill but I do understand their decision. I do think they could’ve shown compassion in assisting you with finding a place to stay. Wasn’t bathroom use itself I’m sure. Likely concern of easily spread virus.”

Another person wrote, “I’m hopeful the lesson learned here is not to fly if you are ill. Diarrhoea can cause low blood pressure at higher altitudes due to fluid loss. Plus the risk of transmission to others. Definitely the right call by WestJet!”

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