Watch: British Man Embarks On A ‘One Wheel Trip’
Watch: British Man Embarks On A ‘One Wheel Trip’
He can be seen riding with a heavy bag and bedding on this vehicle.

Innovation is the mother of necessities. Creativity is often used to come up with various inventions. One such innovative invention is the unicycle, a vehicle with just one wheel. The most common unicycle model is a frame with a saddle and pedals. For faster unicycling, a two-speed hub is also available. Now, a video has been doing the rounds of the internet, where a young man can be seen riding this unicycle. But that’s not all. He can be seen riding with a heavy bag and bedding on this vehicle. On Instagram, a clip of a young man riding on the unicycle was shared. The video begins with a man in a red T-shirt and black shorts, sporting a red helmet getting on a unicycle. He has a heavy bag on his shoulder, a few other hiking or camping-related things and a water bottle. Like a professional, he gets on the unicycle and quickly maintains balance, as he pedals forward. The caption read, “One wheel trip.”

The video has amassed about 21,000 views on Instagram. A bewildered user commented, “Those who say two wheels are the devil’s work, what’s going on with one wheel in this case?”

Riding a unicycle requires balance. If the balance is lost, then the man can fall off and sustain serious injuries. What makes riding a unicycle challenging is the absence of a handle like in a bicycle to steer in a certain direction or to take support for balance.

The man in the video is Ed Pratt, a British citizen, who is an extensive traveller and as per his bio, he has “unicycled around the world”. It was in March 2015 that 19-year-old Ed set out in his unicycle from his hometown Curry Rivel, near Taunton, Somerset. He went on to pedal around the world for 3 years and 135 days and cycled for about 33,800 km. He is a YouTuber who has vlogged his trips and posted videos about it on his channel. With his unicycling trips, he has also contributed to charity and raised over £300,000 (approx Rs 3 crore) for poor and vulnerable children around the world and provided them with a backpack containing educational tools and materials.

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