Physics Or Luck? Man Crosses Waterbody On Bicycle In Incredible Video
Physics Or Luck? Man Crosses Waterbody On Bicycle In Incredible Video
To execute the daring stunt, the man lifted the bicycle, balanced it on one wheel, and aimed in the opposite direction.

Most of the things in the universe are connected to physics. You just need to understand when and how to apply it. Dealing with fundamentals, physics lets us understand the links between two or more phenomena that seem vastly different to the naked eye. It gives wings to our creativity enabling us to see the world in a new light and hence giving us the power to change it. Social media users recently came across an identical demonstration that left them spellbound. The clip showed a man executing a challenging one-wheeled stunt on his bicycle that demanded balance and a thorough knowledge of physics.

The post was dropped on X (formerly Twitter) on June 6 and has been gaining traction ever since. The video begins with the cyclist standing on the edge of a broad stream of water, passing through the middle of a road. The man aimed to cross the water and land on the opposite side of the street. But instead of taking the usual route, the man incorporated an element of challenge into the feat. He tried to jump over the water stretch with his bike.

To pull off the risky stunt, the cyclist first lifted the bicycle, balancing it on one wheel. He aimed in the opposite direction and after what appeared to be a thoughtful calculation took a measured leap. The action was recorded in slow motion, adding beauty to the seemingly impossible feat. If done wrongfully, it could have led to the mishap of him falling into the shallow waters. However, his calculations paid off as the man successfully crossed the waterbody and positioned the hind wheels on the opposite end. The bike “flew in mid-air” for a few seconds before making the perfect landing. “A cyclist who understands physics well,” read the apt note accompanying the post.

Social media users were bowled over by the adrenaline-pumping activity. “That’s really impressive,” lauded an individual. Sharing an almost similar demonstration, a person agreed, “This is why physics is such a wonderful magic.” Begging to differ a little a user pointed out, “I don’t think it is just physics alone at work here, it is his agility and physical strength.”

So far, the video has garnered over 30 million views.

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