Watch: Fan Mistakes Music Composer Hip Hop Aadhi For Rohit Sharma At Sydney Airport
Watch: Fan Mistakes Music Composer Hip Hop Aadhi For Rohit Sharma At Sydney Airport
Rohit Sharma is currently in the limelight after leading India to their 2nd T20 World Cup title.

In 2015, Vishal starred in the film Ambala, directed by Sundar C. The music composer for this Tamil film, Hip Hop Tamizha Aadhi, gained prominence in the Tamil film industry. Before this, since 2010, he had created and released numerous music videos that garnered him acclaim. Generally, he is known for composing lyrics and music for the music albums he releases. From 2015 onwards till now, he has been working as a music composer for many prominent films. Recently, he composed music for the film Aranmanai 4. Hip Hop Aadhi has garnered many fans in the last decade and recently he had a very funny and awkward moment with a fan. He has shared a video of a fan coming up to him to get himself clicked with him. However, the catch is, that the man mistook him for Indian Cricket Team Captain Rohit Sharma.

India and South Africa advanced to the finals of the T20 World Cup series held in the USA and West Indies. India beat South Africa by 7 runs to win the World Cup in a very thrilling final. Rohit Sharma has been praised a lot for his captaincy during the T20 World Cup. Rohit Sharma is trending to the extent that Hip Hop Aadhi was mistaken for him at Sydney International Airport.

Hip Hop Aadhi also posted about it on his social media handle. According to the information he published when he went to the airport, some people took photos with him, and someone who was watching from a distance came close and said that he also wanted to take photos with him.

After snapping the photo, the man looked at him and expressed gratitude for clinching the World Cup. Taken aback, he questioned his relevance to this, to which the man responded, “You’re Rohit Sharma.”. The musician humbly told the man that he was mistaken and that he was a musician from India. The man realised the goof-up and left with a smile after apologising to the Aadhi.

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