What is Route Package Protection and Do You Need it?
What is Route Package Protection and Do You Need it?
There’s nothing like waiting for a new outfit or gaming console to arrive in the mail only to find it damaged. Instead of watching your hard-earned money go down the drain, Route package protection offers an affordable option for consumers to protect their orders. In this guide, we’ll teach you all about Route and how to file your claims!
Protecting Packages with Route Insurance

What is Route package protection?

Route offers insurance for damaged, lost, or stolen packages. Route is a company that offers package protection at an affordable price with partnered merchants like Target, Nike, and Etsy. Before checking out, simply opt-in for package protection. Then, from the Route app, you can track your delivery every step of the way. Route also offers Green Package Protection, which uses carbon-neutral delivery methods by calculating and offsetting the emissions generated by each shipment. Route works closely with certified forestry projects, like Patch, that work to neutralize shipping emissions. Orders under $100 costs $0.98 for package protection. Orders over $100 cost 2% of your shopping carts. For example, if your order total is $350, protection would cost $7.

What does Route package protection cover?

Lost packages When the status is not “Delivered,” and an update is still pending, Route presumes these packages are lost. However, you should wait at least 7 days to file a claim after receiving the last update to avoid a misdelivery.

Stolen packages As with lost packages, Route considers packages marked “delivered” that are not received as stolen. File it 5 days after the supposed delivery day, but not longer than 30 to ensure no misdelivery. Additionally, if the package was delivered to the wrong address, Route will offer to replace the order for you. In some cases, UPS and FedEx mark packages delivered the day before the package actually arrives.

Damaged items If you’ve received an item that is shattered, bent, crushed, or completely unusable, Route offers protection for these items—assuming it’s not cosmetic damages, like minor scratches or dents. To submit a claim, Route may require evidence, like photos or videos, to prove the item arrived in poor condition.

How to File a Claim with Route Package Protection

Navigate to your Route account. Open the Route app or visit https://claims.route.com/ to navigate to the Resolve Center. On the first page, type the email you purchased with and your order number. Route allows you to use the Route Order Number or the retailer’s order number from your receipt.

Select the items you’re filing or as the order issue. Route offers three choices for you: “Where’s my package?” “Damaged” or “Issue unrelated to lost or stolen.” The first choice, “Where’s my package?” should be selected if you suspect your item has been lost, stolen, damaged, or unrelated. You can “report an issue” after receiving the latest tracking update.

Verify your personal information and the issue. Once you’ve selected your order issue type, Route will ask you to verify your phone number. You’ll receive a verification code, then you can fill out more details about your order issue. If your order arrived damaged, for example, you could say, “I received a glass picture frame shattered in the box.” If possible, upload images of the item in the original packaging. However, Route may ask for photos at a later point.

Select your resolution preference. Resolutions are dependent on the retailer you ordered from. Generally, partnered merchants will offer to refund via PayPal, Venmo, prepaid card, or original payment method or replace the item(s) within 1 to 3 business days. Once you choose your preference, you’ll receive an order issue summary in the app or your email. Then, you have to wait for a refund or order replacement to appear! Route allows you to file all claims within a year from the order date or the first tracking checkpoint.

Do I need Route package protection?

No—Route package protection is an optional service. However, should something go wrong with your purchase, you may not be eligible for a refund or replacement order. Generally, some users will add protection for higher-value items or when ordering from a brand, they don’t have experience or loyalty to yet. Route is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Is Route package protection a scam?

Some users say Route is more trouble than it is worth. Route has varying user experiences, with some finding the protection worth it. While others have had to go through a painstakingly long process of trying to get their items refunded or replaced. Route has not been accredited by the Better Business Bureau, which may make some users wary of their credibility. Look up online reviews to learn more about people’s experience using Route before deciding to opt-in! The Better Business Bureau strives to create an ethical marketplace by setting high standards and encouraging the best practices for engaging and educating consumers and businesses.

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