What Is Glazing & Its Origins on TikTok?
What Is Glazing & Its Origins on TikTok?
TikTok constantly introduces new slang, with the term "glazing" being one of the latest to gain traction on the platform. While it may bring instantaneous thoughts of donuts and pastries, we’re sorry to inform you that it actually has nothing to do with baked goods. The good news is, however, that we’ve got you covered on exactly what it does mean, as well as where it came from.
What does the slang term “glazing” mean?

What does the TikTok slang term “glazing” mean?

"Glazing" means to over-compliment or suck up to someone. The term (which can also be used as “glaze” or “glazed”) refers to over-the-top praise or compliments directed at someone, to the point where it becomes “cringy” or irritating. It’s often used in a negative way, implying insincerity or flattery. However, its connotation can shift depending on the context. For example, someone may get made fun of by their friends for trying to “glaze” their teacher in order to get an A, while someone else may get high-fives for glazing and winning over a girl he likes. Example: “I can’t fail this class again—I really need to try and glaze Mrs. Jones for that A.” Example: “I saw Billy glazing Maria at the mall today, I think it was working!” Example: “She can glaze that boy in her calculus class all she wants, but he’s clearly not into her.”

Where did “glazing” come from?

The term originated on Discord chats. The term “glazing” first caught the attention of internet users in late 2021. It has since spread from Discord chat rooms to Twitch stream discussions, and more recently, has become common in the comments sections of TikTok videos. Glazing emerged on Twitter in November 2021 when a user replaced the phrase “dickriding” (another word for over-praising someone) with this new slang term in a retweet. This marked the birth of a new piece of internet vernacular. The term started to become a popular TikTok meme in 2022 and 2023. It was often accompanied by videos of donuts being glazed, which became the visual symbol of this trend. One of the most viral "glazing" memes was the "My Glorious King LeBron James" trend, which poked fun at LeBron James super-fans who constantly showered him with over-the-top compliments.

Other Common TikTok Slang Terms

While scrolling through TikTok, you’ll notice plenty of slang terms that may or may not be familiar to you. Understanding them and what they mean may help you enjoy the app a bit more. Some of these slang terms include: Bussin: The slang term "bussin" is used to describe something that is great or awesome, typically in reference to food or drinks. This term was popularized by Janelle Rohner, who used it to describe her creation of "nature's cereal"—a dish made with berries, coconut water, and ice cubes. Cap: On TikTok, using the phrase "cap" or the cap emoji indicates that the speaker is being dishonest. On the other hand, saying "no cap" means the person is telling the truth. Caught in 4K: Being caught "in 4K" means you've been caught red-handed with something. The 4K video standard has a horizontal resolution of 4,000 pixels, providing crystal-clear footage that clearly captures you in the act. This leaves no doubt about your involvement, as the high-definition recording serves as proof of your misdeeds. Cheugy: This describes something that is not quite uncool, but also not fully cool—it occupies a middle ground of awkwardness and being slightly out of touch. Dead: On TikTok, when Gen Z users say they’re "dead" or use the skull emoji, they don't actually mean they are deceased. Instead, it's Gen Z slang indicating that something was so hilarious, it left them "dead" or dying of laughter. Fire: Nowadays, people commonly use the slang terms "lit" or "fire" to describe things they find awesome or cool. They may also simply use the fire emoji to convey the same sentiment. This slang can be applied to a wide range of subjects, from fashion and living spaces to events and cuisine. It’s Giving: The phrase "it's giving" is used to describe the vibe or aesthetic that something conveys. In TikTok's fashion communities, people often use "it's giving" to comment on the look of an outfit. However, the expression can also be used more broadly to say that someone or something is exceptional or noteworthy. Karen: The term "Karen" has become ubiquitous on social media, regardless of one's TikTok usage. It typically refers to an entitled, demanding woman who is prone to creating public disturbances if her requests are not immediately satisfied. Mid: The term "mid" is short for "middle" or "mediocre," and is used to describe something that is subpar or average. It can be employed as either an adjective or a noun to characterize a wide range of things, from someone's appearance to the quality of a meal. Pick Me Girl: The "pick me girl" is a person who seeks male attention and validation by positioning themselves as "not like other girls." They may deliberately avoid traditionally feminine traits and behaviors, such as wearing makeup or ordering salads, in an effort to appear like "one of the guys." This persona is often cultivated as a means of standing out and receiving praise from men. Rent Free: Constantly dwelling on something that won't leave your mind is like having it "rent free" in your headspace. This preoccupation prevents you from focusing on other matters. Rizz: The term "rizz" refers to a man's ability to charm and attract women, commonly known as his "game." Vibe Check: "Vibe check" is a Gen Z term for informally assessing someone's mood or energy. If a person "passes" the vibe check, it indicates they have a pleasant, agreeable demeanor and are enjoyable to be around.

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