How to Recover or Get a Refund for Your Misdelivered FedEx Package
How to Recover or Get a Refund for Your Misdelivered FedEx Package
It’s happened to all of us—ordering a package only to have it delivered to the wrong address. If your FedEx package was misdelivered, contact customer service or file a claim for a lost package to either have it redelivered or get a refund. In this article, we’ll teach you everything you need to know to retrieve your package, file a claim, and prevent future misdeliveries. Plus, find out when FedEx will cover the cost of your lost package.
What to Do if FedEx Delivers to the Wrong Address

How to Retrieve a Misdelivered FedEx Package

Double check that your package wasn’t delivered. Sometimes, a FedEx driver may place your package somewhere you don’t expect. Take another look around your property and check with neighbors to make sure it wasn’t accidentally delivered to one of their residences. If this is the case, you may be able to solve the problem without contacting FedEx at all. Pull up your FedEx tracking information online, as well, and make sure you entered the correct address. This should also confirm that the package was delivered and tell you if anyone signed for it.

Contact customer service. If you’re certain your package wasn’t delivered to your address, reach out to FedEx’s customer service. Look up the phone number for FedEx in your country, or use the chat feature on FedEx’s website. Explain what happened and answer any questions the customer service agent asks so they can help find your package. Give them as many details as possible, including your full name, address, and tracking number.

See if the package can be redelivered. FedEx should reach out to the driver to find out what happened to your package. In some cases, the driver may be able to pick up your package and redeliver it. If possible, they’ll attempt redelivery the same day, or they’ll try again the next business day. If the driver cannot redeliver the package, you’ll likely need to file a claim with FedEx, which we’ll explain in the next section.

How to File a Claim with FedEx

Log into your FedEx account and navigate to the File Claims tab. FedEx allows you to file a claim for lost, damaged, or stolen packages, as well as for packages that are missing contents. This includes U.S. domestic shipments, U.S. import/export shipments, and shipments from Canada to the U.S. Have information like your tracking number and receipt ready to file the claim. If you don’t live in the U.S. contact your country’s FedEx customer service to find out how to file a claim and what it covers.

Fill out the claim form. Once you’ve navigated to File Claims, FedEx will ask you to complete a form to file your claim. This will ask for your tracking or PRO number, as well as what type of claim you’re filing. Fill out the form in its entirety so FedEx has a clear understanding of what happened. Note that claims for undelivered or lost shipments must be filed within 9 months of the shipment date.

Upload relevant supporting documentation. To complete your claim, include documents like original manufacturer or purchase invoices, a confirmation screen of an online order with proof of payment, and any proof-of-value information. Visit FedEx’s website for a list of other possible supporting documents to include.

Submit the form and track your claim. Review your claim before submitting to ensure you’ve included all relevant information. After submitting your claim, visit the Reports tab to see its status. After it’s been reviewed, FedEx will contact you with their decision. In general, this takes about 5-7 business days. If you want to cancel a claim for any reason, reach out to FedEx customer service.

Receive your payment if the claim is approved. If FedEx approves your claim, they’ll refund your package. FedEx sends payments by check or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), depending on which method you select while filing your claim. If you select a check, make sure your address is correct in the Contact Information section.

Dispute the decision, if necessary. If FedEx doesn’t approve your claim, dispute their decision by adding more supporting documents to the existing claim. These documents should include a signed statement explaining the reason for the dispute, as well as any new relevant information regarding the claim.

Does FedEx cover the cost of a lost package?

FedEx may cover the cost if you file a claim or have package insurance. The best way to get a refund for your lost package is to file a claim with FedEx. If you had insurance for your package, FedEx may cover a certain amount based on the value of the package. If the package was lost after a successful delivery, however, FedEx is not responsible for the cost. If FedEx doesn’t offer a refund, consider reaching out to the person or company from whom you purchased the package. They may be able to offer some form of compensation or send another package. If the package was delivered to the wrong address because you did not include the correct address, FedEx is not responsible.

Preventing Future Misdeliveries

Make sure your address is up-to-date. If you’ve recently moved or need your packages to be delivered to a new address, ensure this address is correct on both the site where you placed your order and on FedEx’s website. This way, if the package doesn’t arrive, you know it isn’t a mistake on your part.

Leave delivery instructions for your driver. If you’re worried about your package getting lost or stolen, FedEx allows you to give your delivery driver specific instructions about where to leave your package. It also allows you to explain how to find and access your home if it’s in a hidden location. Visit Fedex’s Delivery Manager on their website to input your instructions. Note that these instructions apply to all packages delivered to your home. Update the instructions if you need to change something. Delivery instructions may take up to 24 hours to appear in FedEx’s system and will apply to your next delivery. It is up to the driver’s discretion to follow delivery instructions if the situation seems unsafe.

Redirect your package to a retail location. If you won’t be home at the time your package is scheduled to be delivered, consider having it redirected to ensure it’s safe. FedEx partners with retail stores like Walgreens, Dollar General, and some grocery store locations, and packages can be held at FedEx Office locations, as well. FedEx will notify you when the package arrives at the retail location, and they’ll hold the package for up to 7 days for your convenience. To have your package redirected, enter your tracking number on FedEx’s website, then select Manage Delivery and Hold at Location. You’ll then select your preferred retail location and enter your contact information.

Put a temporary hold on your packages. When you sign up for a free FedEx Delivery Manager account, FedEx will hold all of your packages for up to 2 weeks for free. This is a great way to protect your packages if you’ll be gone on vacation or a business trip. FedEx will resume delivery when you’re ready. To put a temporary hold on your packages, log into your Delivery Manager account and click Vacation Hold on your profile. Choose a range of dates that best fits your plans and hit confirm.

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