H1: Forgot Your Password? 4 Simple Methods to Unlock Your Samsung Phone
H1: Forgot Your Password? 4 Simple Methods to Unlock Your Samsung Phone
Are you wondering how you can unlock a Samsung without the password and without losing data? Unfortunately, many newer phones are protected enough to prevent unlocking a phone or tablet without the password, PIN, pattern, or biometrics. However, this wikiHow article covers what steps to take on older phones and how to prevent being locked out of your phone or tablet.
Can I Unlock a Samsung Phone without the Password and without Losing Data?

With Android 4.4 and Below

Enter an incorrect password 5 times. This method only works with older phones (running Android 4.4 or older) with Google accounts; newer phones have too many protections that prevent unlocking a phone or tablet without a password.

Select Forgotten Passcode/Pattern/PIN. It's in the bottom right corner.

Enter your Google information. You'll need to enter your Google username and password.

Tap Sign in. You'll unlock the phone and can then go to Settings to change your PIN/Passcode/Pattern so you can unlock it without your Google account.

Preventing Data Loss with Google

Add your Google account to your phone or tablet. To add your Google account, go to Settings > Google > Sign in to your Google Account. Make sure the toggle next to "Use basic device backup" is on. Continue through the on-screen process until you're completely signed in. Your Google account will automatically keep your phone backed up so you don't lose data when you factory reset it.

Tap Backup. You can see when the last backup was done and can tap Back up now if the last backup wasn't recent. You can also see what apps and data are backed up under "Backup details."

Resetting with Google's Find My Device

Go to https://www.google.com/android/find/ and sign in. Open this link on any browser. After you've set up your Google account on your Samsung phone and have "Find My Device" enabled, you can use this method to factory reset the device. While resetting the phone means that you'll lose all your data, logging in with your Google account will bring it all back.

Select your Samsung phone. You'll see all the devices using your Google account listed on the left side.

Click Factory reset device. It's also on the left side of your screen. Your phone will turn off and reset to factory settings, which means that all the data on the phone will be removed. However, sign in with your Google account and all your data will be restored.

Tips So You Don’t Get Locked Out

Use Smart Lock or Extend Unlock. Samsung has a new name for Smart Lock, and it's called Extend Unlock. Both of these functions allow you to easily bypass the lock screen if you meet a few specifications. For example, you can set Smart Lock/Extend Unlock to keep your phone unlocked while it's on your body, or if you're located in a specific place, or if there's a trusted device nearby. Find Smart Lock in Settings > Lock Screen > Smart Lock. Find Extend Unlock in Settings > Lock screen and AOD > Extend Unlock.

Use a different lock type. If you're not good at remembering passwords or patterns, try a biometric password instead! Go to Settings > Lock screen and AOD > Screen lock type and add another security measure. You can have more than one set. For example, you can have Face ID, Fingerprints, and PIN selected.

Try a third-party app. Apps like DroidKit, 4uKey, and AndroidUnlock might be helpful, but there's no guarantee they'll get you back into your phone. None of these apps are free, and it's highly unlikely that they'll work for newer Androids with more powerful encryption.

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