Sokudo Electric's Affordable E-Scooters Hit Indian Roads, Aims To Capture 15-20 Percent Market Shares
Sokudo Electric's Affordable E-Scooters Hit Indian Roads, Aims To Capture 15-20 Percent Market Shares
Sokudo Electric India launches affordable, durable electric scooters, eyeing 15-20% market share.

Sokudo Electric India, a leading electric two-wheeler maker focused on eco-friendly transportation, has launched two new electric scooters compliant with the FAME-II scheme – the Select 2.2, Rapid 2.2, along with a non-RTO model called Plus (Powered By Lithium).

This move not only fulfills the company’s commitment to creating robust and budget-friendly bikes but also sets a new benchmark in the electric scooter market, which saw a 36 percent surge in sales in 2023.

With this launch, Sokudo Electric India aims to grab a substantial 15-20 percent slice of the electric scooter market. The company’s objective aligns with India’s ambition to achieve an 80 percent sales penetration for electric two-wheelers.

According to Press Release, these ‘Make in India’ scooters are competitively priced to suit the Indian market’s affordability factor. The Select 2.2 (RTO) offers a range of up to 100 km at Rs. 85,889, while the Rapid 2.2 (RTO) with a similar range comes at Rs. 79,889. The Plus (Lithium) (Non-RTO) model, boasting a range of up to 105 km, is priced at Rs. 59,889 (all prices, ex-showroom).

Equipped with a 15-amp converter for efficient charging and featuring smart fireproof lithium ferro phosphate (LFP) batteries, these scooters eliminate common risks associated with battery usage, unlike NMC batteries. Moreover, their robust build, ranging from 3.5mm to 5.25mm ABS plastic bodies, includes CANBUS connectors for real-time monitoring, facilitating easier maintenance. Buyers also enjoy a three-year warranty on the battery and a five-year warranty on the vehicle.

Mr. Prashant Vashishtha, the Founder & CMD of Sokudo Electric India, expressed his optimism about the new launch, stating, “Every month, over 5 lakh individuals opt for NON RTO lead-acid scooters, facing limitations like short warranties and range issues. With our new models, we aim to offer safer, more efficient, and reliable options to Indian riders at a much more affordable price. I believe our Made in India Sokudo electric scooters’ unique features speak volumes and will position us as a superior mobility solution provider compared to international brands.”

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